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We currently have a temporary pricing structure in place and we hope that it can go back to normal as soon as possible. We hope you understand that we have had to do this to cover everything. This will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

Appointments will be hour long to ensure we have thoroughly cleaned the stations in between clients. 

Each appointment will include a compulsory hair wash. 

Children are welcome to an appointment but MUST come in with freshly washed hair as it will not be possible for us to do so. If this hasn’t been done we have the right to refuse the appointment. 
They will have to be able to sit there for the duration unaccompanied In a mask (If we require) 
There is NO separate price for a child’s hair cut. 

There will be sanitiser available all around the shop so please make sure you use it.

All we ask of you is to bring a face mask to your appointment. We will cover the rest! 

Finally we look forward to seeing you and what states you come in! 

Thank you for all the support and see you soon.

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