Coronavirus Update:


Unfortunately after a very stressful time and with the continued impact of the coronavirus! it is with a very heavy heart we have come to the decision it is in the best interest of not only my self and my staff but our clients, our family and the community to close the shop with immediate effect.

This means that any up and coming appointments will now be canceled until further notice. Our main concern is that we cannot follow the government guidelines in our line of work. To date we have cancelled all appointments until the 10th May (inclusive) and will continue for as long as this pandemic causes an impact on our lives. 

We encourage you to follow the government guidelines with social distancing as it is proven the best way to help defeat this! That way we can all get back to clean trims, beer gardens and watching football again! I would like to thank you all for your ongoing support and patience at this difficult time. Hopefully we can all do this together!! Much love.

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