Our Team

Alex Leckenby


My name is Alex...

I am 28 years young, husband, Dog lover, An Arsenal fan and a keen golfer..
Also the proud owner of A Barber & Co!

my love for barbering didn't come the same way most peoples did and there is a story behind it.....
I have been officially cutting hair full time since 2014 (roughly) and it all started when I was at Hartpury collage studying sports.
One dodgy trim left me attempting to sort it out my self with a pair of clippers and scissors I purchased from ASDA, not the best job but it was better than what I had payed for! after many failed attempts at cutting my own hair I learnt from all my mistakes! gradually trim by trim I bettered myself until one day a friend praised my hair! this then led to me cutting his hair and being trusted and let loose on a few others! The practice gave me the confidence to experiment and better myself with each and every haircut.
upon leaving collage and returning to Somerset, I continued to cut my own and also friends hair building up a client base around the area.. A few jobs later (6) I found my self with an amazing opportunity to work as a full-time Barber within a shop with only self taught experience! no Qualification just the passion and determination to better myself and the standard of barbering in the Area!!

At 25 I turned my dream of owning a shop into Reality!
After acquiring the keys late 2018 and with the help of my Dad and multiple Friends I opened the doors to
A Barber & Co March 9th 2019!

Paul Brookes

my name is Paul...

I am 35 years of age and a father to 4 wonderful children, There for classed as the farther here at AB&C.

From about the age of 16 I have always wanted to become a barber! but at the time I decided to head to collage and then university to study sports. Upon finishing university I was presented with an opportunity to work in the nightclub industry. After years of partying hard I decided to grow up a little bit and needed a break from it all so headed back to sunny old Somerset!!
Once settle I proceeded with my 16 year old dream and gained my NVQ level 2 in barbering. upon becoming a Qualified barber I haven't looked back!

Joining A Barber & Co was a no brainer for me! I joined so I could expand and better my self as a barber... The level of barbering in here is above and beyond! attention to detail and the standard is set very high.

About me -
. Avid Manchester united fan
. Attend Gracie Barra Where I Participate in Jiu Jitsu and MMA.
. NVQ level 2 Barber

Sam Sweet


my name is Sam...
I am 23

. Arsenal fan
. football enthusiast
. fashion lover
. I think my music taste is great but others would disagree

Leaving school I realised I wanted to become a barber so enrolled in college and achieved an NVQ level 2 in barbering alongside an apprenticeship in a barbershop.
I went on to do a private course in modern barbering and achieved a diploma for this.
A few years on and my love for it is still strong!! every aspect of the job is enjoyable but personaly the best aspect of it is the conection you make with the clients. they become friends!

Sam Williams

my name is Sam...
I am 22 years old.

firstly I would like to mention I am a HUGE Liverpool fan!! now we have cleared that up we can get to the barbering.

As soon as I left school I went into a level 2 NVQ apprenticeship in hairdressing, half way through this I changed to barbering and finished my qualification for that, 4+ years later and I still love every aspect of cutting hair! Barbering for me was all I really could see my self doing. After watching YTFC for years I always wanted to cut the players hair, I can proudly say I do just that! not only have I achieved that small goal for my self but also it has helped my grow as a person.

. Football...did I mention I support Liverpool?
. Annoying Alex (the boss)
. dog lover